SETPAPER Brand Seamless Paper

SETPAPER is an Eco Friendly Product made

Using 100% Hydro Power
Elemental Chlorine Free
From Recycled Fiber

Professional photographers and paper connoisseurs have long considered SETPAPER a top quality brand due to the thickness of the paper and color consistency from batch to batch. The superior durability of SETPAPER Brand seamless paper makes it less likely to wrinkle or dent and more likely to unroll flat and straight every time.

Our customer satisfaction with SETPAPER is near perfect!


**Due to differences in monitor styles, monitor color temperature and gamma settings, the color swatch that you are seeing on your screen is a representation of the color, not the actual color. We have made every effort to make sure that the color you are viewing is as close as possible. Please use these swatches as a guide only. If you need an actual swatch call us or come into our store for a free SETPAPER swatch book.**

To receive a free SETPAPER swatch book by mail, please email info@setshop.com

download SETPAPER color chart PDF - Standard and Flame Retardant